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The decontamination tent ES-56LDK offers the necessary equipment for the decontamination and subsequent hygienic cleaning of intervening personnel in field conditions during rescue operations and dealing with accidents. This system is mainly designed to be used in the civil sector.

Two variants of the ES-56LDK:

1. ES-56LDK/2- two-corridor decontamination tent,
2. ES-56LDK/3- three-corridor decontamination tent, central corridor intended for lying patient

The decontamination tent ES-56LDK/2 has two corridors for men and women, ES-56LDK/3 has three corridors, side corridors for men and women, the central one for stretchers, each of which is supplied with warm water from a separate mobile water heater. Each corridor is passable in the direction from the green to the red arrows on the tent floor. The material used for the hygienic liner and shower partition is water-resistant and antibacterial with a flammability-reducing treatment.


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  We offer solutions for field hospital projects designed for areas affected by natural or industrial disasters and war areas.

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 The Field Hospital is a mobile medical unit that serves as a temporary post for providing emergency assistance to the wounded in areas affected by natural and industrial disasters or in war-affected areas. After receiving immediate assistance, patients are transported to a permanent hospital facility. The designs of EGO Zlín field hospitals are based on many years of experience in the field of disaster medicine and meet strict criteria for the quality of processed materials, the possibility of practical use in the field, easy transport, the possibility of expanding the site according to current requirements and reuse. The field hospital is composed mainly of mobile tents, to which container systems or additional accessories can be attached.

EGO Zlín offers complete processing of field hospital designs according to the required assignment.

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Detention centre for people migrating from areas at risk of infectious disease

• to create a detention centre for border areas where there is a large accumulation of people migrating from areas that are at risk of possible transmission of infectious disease
• the centre must meet the possibilities of quick and safe isolation of persons at risk
• the project is focused primarily on the protection of intervening personnel and usability in difficult natural conditions
• to minimize the risk of transmission the infectious disease into the destination country
• it is a comprehensive solution that covers the detection of a potentially infectious disease and equipping personnel with safety protective equipment

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The solution includes a mobile capture center consisting of the following products:

Apartment ES-56 EBXT

  •      isolation tent, mobile workplace + inflatable compressor, chemical toilet + toilet cabin, equipped with an isolation chamber working on vacuum
  •      integrated decontamination module
  •      the inflatable construction allows the insulation space to be put into operation quickly. The area of 56 m2 is optimal for placing the biobox (insulation chamber) and ensuring the movement of staff

Biobag EBV-30/40 IN-CH

  •      transport and insulation means
  •      a vacuum cabin enabling the transport of a person with a suspected dangerous infection
  •      contains a Clean Air Chemical 2 F filter-ventilation unit with filters

EMP - 50 - disposable suit

Creation of regional mobile isolation capacities

Within disaster medicine, EGO Zlín deals with a key issue:

„What if a new highly contagious disease with high mortality emerges?“

Are we better prepared to it than we were to COVID-19?

In March 2020, the scenario of the infection that brought whole society to a standstill seemed like a fantastic novel. However, the reality of COVID-19 is alarming and we therefore do believe that lessons need to be learned from the ongoing crisis, in order to revise the whole system for fighting dangerous infections, and, above all, to have a clear plan “what, when, where and how”, which we would like to help to create.


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As part of our specialization, we offer assistance regarding the creation of a comprehensive system of biological protection at the regional level, so that means are available in crisis management to help to resolve an urgent crisis quickly effectively.

This system has 2 goals:
•    To isolate the first infected effectively and to slow down the further spread of the disease.
•    To protect the nursing staff, who is key to managing the crisis, maximally

 We offer your region help with:
•    analysis and mapping of existing capacities for quick detection of infection at the regional level,
•    proposing appropriate measures to create/complement a comprehensive quick response system,
•    equipping IRS units with necessary equipment and training in its use,
•    regular inspections of equipment and training of staff.

We do believe that a well-designed system of rapid response can significantly slow down the spread of a potential threat right from the beginning, or quickly strengthen the capacity of medical facilities in any emergency.
Contact us and we will prepare a plan for a potentially dangerous infection for your region.