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CBRN protection

EPBV-10 Pathological bag

The EPBV-10 pathological bag is used to transport the dead people who are suspected of suffering from highly contagious disease.

  • the internal building-in is firmly welded to the outer sheathing, both chambers can be closed separately with spiral zippers covered with cover flaps with self-adhesive tape, ensuring airtight closure of the entire bag
  • pathological bag is made by heat welding technology from impermeable polyethylene foil
  • for easy transfer of the deceased person, the bag is equipped with four handles
  • the bag is used as a single-use product

The delivery includes two pairs of gloves.


EPBV-10 Pathological bag

EB-10 Glovebox system for hazardous biological containment

At a time the danger of terrorist attacks is increasing, new threats are emerging, including the delivery of dangerous goods. For these situations, we offer equipment that allows a safe opening of shipments with potentially dangerous biological content. This box can ensure that no dangerous substance leak into the surrounding environment when the goods are consigned, thereby ensuring the safety of you and the surrounding environment.

Benefits of the box:

  • easily replaceable installation
  • transparent lid
  • low weight
  • quick assembly
  • replaceable gloves
  • easy maintenance and storage

Suitable for:

  • state administration bodies and institutions (ministries, courts, etc.)
  • embassies (consulates)
  • media institutions (televisions, radio, etc.)
  • any other organization accepting potentially dangerous shipments

Technical parameters:
Dimensions: 65 x 45 x 52 cm (l x w x h)

EB-10 Glovebox system for hazardous biological containment

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