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Large-capacity hall

The large-capacity hall can be used as a background for urgent medical care in the event of a disaster and provide a place for managing rescue operations. It can be used for training, accommodation, school, material storage, and also as a room for maintenance, repair, and garage of personal and excessive vehicles. It is a very durable product, for the production of which modern non-flammable and abrasion-resistant materials are used. The hall excels in high strength of construction, long service life and the upper material is also resistant to sunlight. The possibility of quick commissioning predetermines it as a perfect product for emergencies.

Main benefits:

  • quick and easy commissioning (commissioning can be completed in 60 minutes by 4 people)
  • The material of the large-capacity hall is resistant to various climatic conditions
  • Large interior space
  • Easy repair of the tubular construction in case of damage

The hall consists of individual modules:

  • Front module
  • Centre module – option to select the number of centre modules, 1 - 3 pcs
  • Rear module
Large-capacity hall

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