Means for hygienic cleaning

Bath tub with accessories


Bath tub is designed to bathe the patient on the bed. Bath in a deflated state podsune under the patient and treading air pump to inflate margins. The accessories include bath shower on a hot water supply that connects to the tap and controls at the end of the hose in the patient. To drain the water bath is fitted with draining sleeve, which closes with a push-trough buckle. Storing patient preparation and the actual bath is quick and easy, anybody can do it and one nurse. The patient can not take a shower in the bath, but even bathe. Part of the bath is also inflatable wedge pillow under his head.

Koupací vana s příslušenstvím SKV-30

Technical parameters:
  • dimensions: 185 x 85 x 20 cm
  • weight: ca.1 500 g
  • shower on a hot water supply - SZ-10
  • shower hanging - SZ-20
  • foot air pump - HS-10

Pool to wash head


Pool to wash head is designed for use on the bed. It is equipped with draining sleeve.

Bazének na myté hlavy BA-10 
Technical parameters:
  • Dimensions: Ø60cm
  • Weight: ca. 315g