Due to increasing tourism, migration of people for work throughout the world, even to countries with less developed infrastructure and health care where protection against highly virulent infections almost does not exist, the danger of infection importation has been increasing even to the countries with a highly developed health care system. If those developed countries are not suitably prepared to protect their inhabitants, they will be at risk from epidemics or pandemics. For instance the epidemic of Ebola virus in the West Africa in year 2014 resulted a thousands of infected with more than 50% fatality. Other possible dangerous must be taken into consideration, such as „bioterrorism“, against which not only defense but also protection are very important thus must not be neglected. There are also other types of terrorism (classical, chemical, nuclear, etc) in which certain demarcated areas are affected but in the case of infection with biological agents, it is not possible to define and demarcate strictly the area and therefore without a sufficient protection there are no borders for  microorganisms (for example Antrax).


Personnel protective means


Isolation transport bag for infected patient


Isolation negative pressure chambers