The tent systems are generally used as mobile workplaces and logistic complexes in field conditions when dealing with unexpected situations, such as environmental or industry disasters, major traffic accidents, humanitarien or military long-term missions and others. The main problem in all these situations is that there is a huge amount of injured people and permanent facilities get filled to capacity. Patients´ health is endangered if sufficient treatment is not received directly at places of disasters thus their transport to a hospital might be very traumatic. Therefore it is necessary to ensure first aid directly at places of disasters and thus minimize loss of life.

The compact tent systems are the fastest and easiest solutions (short-term or long-term) in crisis situations. They are easily transportable and offer a rapid serviceability due to an inflatable tube construction. It is a double-room tube construction with two inflation valves and two safety-valves. The construction can be inflated by a compressor or pressurized air bottles. The main advantage of the system is sufficient stability of the construction without usage of supporting metal or plastic components. Each tent entry is equipped with connecting collars with fasteners in order to ensure good connection among the tents.


•    rapid assembly
•    self-supporting inflatable tube construction, no other supporting components are needed (e.g. metal or plastic struts, etc.)
•    system of inflatable double-chamber construction
•    safety valves ensuring the tube construction is not overinflated
•    wide range of different sizes  
•    choice of the roof material
•    can be transported by usual transport means  

Tent for urgent usage


Tent for emergency usage


Tent EG