A number of human activities in the civil sector and in military sector can be accompanied by contamination of personal safety means, clothes even human bodies by chemicals, as well as by dangerous biological agents or other deletarious substances. It is necessary to ensure immediate and thorough decontamination and cleaning at contaminated areas in order to prevent possible spread of infection.To eliminate their effects and to eliminate the unwanted substances we use equipment for individual and mass decontamination. It means few types of decontamination showers, tents or other means each of them having specific use.

The greatest advantage most of the offered products is their structural design in the form of inflatable tube construction that enables their fast erection (within minutes) with minimum of people needed and fast serviceability. Decontamination is always carried out with system of nozzles, their positioning, number, flow volume and angle of spreading is optimized in order to achieve the lowest production of contaminated waste in balance with maximum efficiency of the whole procedure. Waste is continuously sucked out through specially constructed absorbent bin that keeps the level of sewage water under 2 mm limit and in connection with outside placed pump completely eliminates the danger of electric shock.


•    rapid assembly (from transportation to serviceable stage)
•    high mobility
•    sufficient amount of decontamination nozzles and rinsing shower heads
•    self-supporting inflatable tube construction, no other supporting components are needed (e.g. struts, etc)
•    safety valves, ensuring the tube construction is not overinflated
•    wide range of different sizes  
•    can be transported by usual transport means

Decontamination circle


Decontamination showers


Decontamination tent