Decontamination circle

Basic decontamination with decontamination circle EDEK-10

The basic decontamination system consisting of the EDEK-10 decontamination circle and the EDKB decontamination pool is designed for basic and immediate decontamination in field conditions. It is possible to use it for decontamination of persons in protective clothes or decontamination of surface body.

Decontamination circle: EDEK-10

It is light, mobile and easy operatable decontamination mean for usage in field conditions. Internal perimeter of circle is equipped with nozzles for spreading of decontamination liquid, a holder supplies a liquid into nozzles through spherical valve and enables manipulation with circle. For easy transport and adjustment is circle foldable.

Dekontaminační kruh EDEK-10
Technical parameters:
  • material circle and nozzles: stainless steel
  • number of nozzles: 8
  • pressure: 2 – 6 bar
  • flow capacity: 2,7 l/min (each nozzle)
  • diameter: 100 cm
  • weight: 3,6 kg
  • serviceability time: 2 minutes