Isolation transport bag for infected patients

The Bio-bag EBV – 30/40 is the mobile device which is determined for the primary and secondary transport of the person suspected of a highly dangerous disease in the hospital or the person affected by a biological agents from the contaminated area to the stationary facility for the medical treatment of the affected patients. The Bio-bag may be used for a transport of the patient with the lower immunity as a protection against the “unclean” environment.



  • Basic technical specifications in operating   stay:
    dimensions: 203 x 64 x 56 cm
    weight without packaging: 17,5 kg
    weight including a transport packaging: 21 kg
  • Certification according to ČSN EN 143/A1:2006, ČSN EN 12941:1999/A2:2009, ČSN EN 12942:1999/A2:2009
  • Transport bag is produced by a high-frequency welding technology
  • Big transparent windows allow to monitor the health condition of the patient
  • 3 pairs of the replaceable gloves enable to perform the basic medical intervention   during the transport
  • Reliable system of a fixation of the patient during the transport
  • Self-supporting system of the folding aluminum frame with the possibility to fix   with a transport device
  • Big input port with the possibility to connect with standardly used apparatus   for breathing support
  • Input ports to pass infusion tubing, drains and ECG electrode cables
  • Padded back pad for more comfort of the patient
  • Possibility to decontaminate and use it again
  • Increased level of the hermetic zip opening which facilitates better opening and closing   of the Bio-bag
  • Easy maintenance
Biovak EBV 30/40_IN_CH