Anti-decubitus mattresses

Active anti-decubitus mattress AME-FP

The active anti-decubitus mattress is composed of two independent air sections, which are automatically inflated and deflated using a special compressor. Pressure changes in the individual chambers ensure continuous massage and reduce the patient's tissue load. The patient lying on the mattress has an optimal way of preventing the formation of decubitus. The mattress helps with the care of the risk patients. Its easy to use and maintenance are ideal for use in hospitals, homes for the elderly, home care, etc.


  • attachment of the mattress by means of foundation strips
  • material with impervious finish
  • the possibility of disinfecting with commonly available disinfectants
  • dimension (cm): 190 x 85 x 5
  • weight (g): 1 420
  • load capacity up to 120 kg


Antidekubitní matrace vzduchová AME-FP